Safety Concerns

Safe Playing Guarantee

Q   How do I know the transactions are secure?
A   We use the most sophisticated encryption software created by E-Cash systems to make sure all transactions are one hundred percent secure. If the safety of your credit card information is compromised as a result of its use in the casino, please contact our Customer Service Representatives and they will be happy to assist you.

Privacy Policy

Q   Is my real name available for other players to see?
A   We will never expose any of your personal information to other players - your privacy is guaranteed.
Q   Are you in the practice of selling lists of players to third parties for promotional or other purposes?
A   We never sell the names of our players to a third party, for any reason, so you can rest assured that no one will annoy you with random promotional or other offers of solicitation.

Legality of Gambling

Q   If I am from the USA or Canada, can I play in your casino?
A   You will not be able to play using Real Money chips because our casino is void in the USA and Canada.  However, you are welcome to play Off-line using the FREE green Zero chips that are available in all the games.
Q   I tried to purchase chips but it said that I am in the USA, will I still get charged?
A   No, we have cancelled your purchase request and you will not be charged for the purchase you attempted to make. 
Q   I do not live in the U.S or Canada. Still, I get a message that I am from US/Canada and therefore am not allowed to participate.
A   Please make sure you have given us the correct address when registering in the casino.
Q   Is it legal to play in your casino from my country?
A   Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We cannot be responsible for the laws in your location.  Please contact your local authorities for up to date information on the legality of Internet gambling for your jurisdiction.

Game Fairness and Odds

Q   What are your odds?
A   All gaming systems are tested continually to ensure that the odds in our casino are the ones typically used in Las Vegas casinos and that all games are totally random.

Contacting Us

Q   How do I contact the casino if I have questions or problems?

We have a number of ways for you to contact our Customer Service Representatives:

  • You can e-mail your questions to us at
  • You can also click on the Contact Us button in any game and write to us with all your questions.
Q   Do you provide "online chat" support over the web?
A   During designated times each day you can also ask your questions LIVE right from the casino to get an immediate answer to your question! When the "Customer Service Representative" appears on the main casino floor, simply click on him to speak directly to one of our Representatives.